Get a healthy, slimming glow!

Unlike the problems with outdoor tanning, a professional tanning bed lets you receive precisely measured doses of UV rays. You have complete control of how often and how much tanning rays you receive.


Crossbridge Fitness offers tanning beds from Wolf, the industry’s leading provider of professional tanning equipment. We make it easy to maintain a fresh-off-the-beach glow year ‘round with complete privacy.

Preparing for Tanning – Before you use a suntan bed, make sure that you are prepared. Like going outdoors, you will need to have the right indoor suntan lotion to maximize your tanning results. You must also protect your eyes from the UV rays with tanning bed goggles.

Best of all, a tanning bed is both relaxing and time-efficient. You can achieve that all-over glow in half the time it would take outdoors.

IMPORTANT: Protective eyewear is required for indoor tanning and must be worn at all times.

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